Oral hygiene in children

Establish the right habits from early on

It is important for parents to start cleaning their child's mouth before the first teeth are punctured. Clean your baby's mouth daily by wiping his gums with a soft cloth or gauze.

After the puncture of the first tooth

- Begin brushing the tooth with water or paste and a soft brush

- The amount of toothpaste for children under 2 years of age is recommended to be a very thin layer, and for children 2 to 5 years of age with pea size.

- The use of thread can start when there are grown teeth that touch each other

Preparing for a healthy smile

Consult your dentist regarding fluoride intake and undergo prophylactic examinations at least 2 times a year.

Sucking on the finger and the nipple is a natural habit for children, which is usually abandoned when the teeth sprout. If this habit persists beyond the age of 3, be sure to consult your dentist as there may be serious consequences for your child.

It is recommended that children learn from the constant use of a bottle of teat after the first year. Frequent and prolonged intake of sugar (as contained in breast milk, various juices and adapted milk) can lead to the development of early childhood caries. Always clean your baby's mouth before going to bed and do not allow him / her to fall asleep with a pacifier unless it contains water.

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