Какво да правим с четката за зъби, ако сме болни?

What if we are sick with the toothbrush?

It is still debatable how dangerous the toothbrush is if we used it while we were sick or cold. Although it is not known exactly how strong the negative effect is, it is certainly still present and in the future it is likely that we will become infected again with our toothbrush. If you use it while you are ill, a simple rinse would not be enough to clean it well. We advise you to disinfect it after each wash over such a period by immersing it for ten minutes in antibacterial solution.

It is not difficult to follow these guidelines, especially as you get used to. In reality, there is no need for any radical changes or waste of a very valuable time. But by thinking more often about these things, we can guarantee ourselves a fresh breath and significantly better oral hygiene.