At BB DENTAL Dental Clinic, we have found treatments to improve the quality of life for patients through dental implants. Dental implants help patients regain confidence by improving overall health through a naturally-looking oral cavity that works well.

Dr. Lubomir Bogomilov

Dr. Bogomilov is a second generation dental practitioner who has embraced the experience and knowledge of his parents. He graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Sofia. Specializes in implantology, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, surgery. Member of the Bulgarian Dental Union.

Днешният свят се развива с бързи темпове и стоматологията също е част от това развитие. За да е винаги в крак с тенденциите на съвременната дентална медицина, д-р Маринова постоянно инвестира в нови знания в областта на ендодонтията и естетичната стоматология, като посещава редица лекции и семинари.

He has completed numerous lectures and practical courses. Some of them are:

  • Practical Course: "B.O.P.T- Principles of Bio-Oriented Preparation Technique" by Prof. Ignacio Loi
  • Practical course: "Analysis and protocol for cementing of ceramic veneers" Dr. Georgi Iliev
  • Practical Course: "Direct Composite Restorations for Distal Teeth" Dr. Nasib Fares
  • Practical course: "Complete protocol for the preparation of ceramic veneers" Dr. Georgi Iliev
  • Ten-day practical course - “Anatomical construction of frontal and distal teeth with ENAMEL + by Dr.Lorenzo Vanini method” Dr. Ivaylo Ribagin
  • Master class "Restoration of severely destroyed teeth" Prof. Sergei Radlinsky
  • Practical Course “Root Canal Instrumentation with the BioRace System of the Swiss Company FKG” Dr. Ivan Yovchev
  • Fotona - Dentacom laser system
  • Seminar on Clinical Periodontology of the Greek Society of Periodontology

Dr. Violeta Bozhinova

Hi, I'm Dr. Violeta Bojinova. I graduated as a doctor in dental medicine in Sofia in 2013. My interests are related to pediatric dental medicine for the simple reason that I love children a lot. I have my own treasure - Heaven! I work with great patience and attention to detail. Patients quickly understand that I am truly concerned about them and that is why I earn their trust. I do not forget the Hippocratic Oath!

Professional achievements

  • Following the Right Path – Glide Path Management and Preparation 
    Peet van der Vyver, BChD
  • Adhesion of a Post and Core System
    Harish Gulati, BDS, DMD, CAGS
  • To Post or Not to Post
    Harish Gulati, BDS, DMD, CAGS
  • Prep It, Got It, Glue It: A Dental Journey from Crown Prep to Cement Selection and Everything In-Between Timothy Bizga, D.D.S.
  • Immediate Dentin Sealing: The Most Important Advancement in Adhesion Dentistry 
    Dr. David Alleman
  • The Art of Digital Dental Photography 
    Dr. Ian Cline
  • Secrets to Successful Dental Dam Placement-Basic Techniques 
    Mary Costello, CDA, BS
  • Conservative and Beautiful Anterior Esthetics Using Composite Materials 
    Hugh Flax, D.D.S.
  • Predictable Success With Class II & Class III Composites 
    Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz
  • Crown and Bridge Made Easy 
    Dr. Ron Kaminer
  • Restoring Deep Caries – Bulk Fill, Liners and Dentin Bonding 
    Dr. David Clark
  • Restoring Complex Aesthetic Cases 
    Dr. Steve Cutbirth
  • Mastering Composite Layering and Blending 
    Dr. Lee Ann Brady
  • Reconstructing Broken Down and Endodontically Treated Teeth
    Dr. Martin Jablow
  • Indirect/Direct Composite Inlays 
    Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz
  • Extreme Resin Makeovers: Treating Incisal Attrition and Vertical Collapse with Direct Resin for Reduced Dental Budgets 
    Dr. Peter Walford
  • Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth – The Science Behind It 
    Dr. Carol Tait
  • Composite Placement Using Stratification and Bulk Fill Techniques 
    Dr. Todd Snyder, DDS
  • Let’s Take the Stress Out of Composite Placement 
    John Comisi, D.D.S.